The Audi TT Coupe And Roadster Are Coming Out In 2014


There are some new details about the 2014 Audi TT, and there is a lot of new information about the Audi coupe that we are seeing. The Audi TT will be better and more focused on performance.
The Audi TT Mk3 prototype won’t move in on the R8, and it goes into a higher price range, and it will reduce the market for the Porsche R5.

This brand might become part of the VW brand before long, and it has always been very watchful of the TT which competes with the Boxster and Cayman. The follow-up TT will add to the pressure by coming out with a new look alongside a bigger range of equipment and drivetrain choices, and there are some veiled threats to come out with Boxsters and other models that are cheaper to compete.

What does the 2014 Audi TT have on it that is new?

The hot TT is basically 20% more efficient on price and space. There have been some basic bodystyles that have been fiddled with, but the amount of sales that the company can expect don’t warrant anything other than a basic car design.

Because of how wonderful this car is, the upcoming TT will have some of the same character and design of the current classic car, as it was rendered by an artist’s look. The design is not just evolutionary, it is revolutionary. Some Porsche aficionados might not like it because of the way it looks. The changed silhouette almost looks like the 911, and it will make the coupe look more butch and masculine in a sporty way. There is a long spoiler at the end with some boxiness.

What will the design of the new Audi TT look like?

The front end of the car will have another change to the unique singleframe grill, and it will have a main air intake, better LED headlights, fog lamps, DRLs, indicators, and black vents. Everything is elaborate and beautiful on the car. It is a unique car.

There are also Audi’s ergonomics on the side. There is a monitor inside, big display, and an MMI controller. You can personalize anything on the information screen too. There is an on-board computer. There is an information center too. There is an entertainment center too.

The new car will lose about 60 kilos too. There will be a better drivetrain, better aerodynamics, and better economical engines.

Michael Dick is the chief of engineering at Audi, and they have verified that the new TT RS will be right above the existing model, and it will be safe to assume that the customer can expect to get a turbocharged motor.

The Coupe that comes out in 2014 and the Roadster which comes out in 2014 will have six forward ratios, and there will also be a seven-speed S-tronic that is going to come out in 2015. The Quattro is the main standard for the TTS and TT RS, and TDI will switch to a front-wheel drive only. Standard features on all will be the same. These will be great models.


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