The Audi TT Car Coming Out In 2014


The Audi TT Car Coming Out In 2014
There is some information regarding 2014 Audi TT. In fact, there are much new details regarding the Audi car. It will be more paying attention on performance. The prototype will not move in on the R8, it will lessen the market value for Porsche R5 and will go to much higher price. The Audi TT car is already beating around the prominent Nurburgring racetrack. The Green Hell will give the coupe a complete workout as it changes to the VW Group’s MQB architecture. In fact, the new stand will support a wide variety of models including the Audi A3 and VW Golf.
The car engines will be assembled for use and depending upon its speculations, the model is certain to maintain the option of all or front wheel drive. Recently, the 2014 Audi TT car was caught testing. The car in those spy photos is wearing an intelligent disguise. The outer looks are quite similar to the present model. The company is not to completely change the overall look for the coupe, though everyone expects the rear and front dashboards to have a more performance oriented and purposeful design.

Similar to all models of Audi, the front part will be perfectly fitted with re-profiled frame and narrower headlights. LED lighting must feature in both the taillights and headlights. A bit longer wheelbase must offer additional legroom. In the United States, the engine array is possible to remain the turbocharged 2.5 liter or 2.0 liter 4 cylinder. Furthermore, the 2 liter TDI diesel engine will be obtainable in a country like Europe. Transmission system is more expected to be carry-over, though Audi may add an additional cog to the present 6-speed automatic. In order to save fuel, the manufacturers may equip the model with a best system.


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