The Audi Q2 (2013) Concept


The Audi Q2 (2013) Concept
According to the sources, Audi is reportedly making plans to prepare compact crossover in order to compete with the Nissan Juke. It is named as Audi Q. Auto Express picture rendering showing 2 candidates claimed that the appearance of Q3, Q2 are quite similar. It will be launched in late 2013. The sources reveal that the Audi Q2 will be the smallest 4×4 still from a premium automobile manufacturer. Formulations are in process to make a complete variety of Q models, extending the present 3 car line-up to 7 vehicles by the end of 2017. To reduce the variety and make target positioning a bit simpler to understand, Audi is actually reshuffling its Q variety model names.  
All its odd-numbered cars including Q7, Q5 and Q3 will be equipped with better off-road performance. Furthermore, it’s even numbered car models including QS 2 via 8 will be comparatively softer designs made for family conveyance and leafy roads. Audi Q2 will be the original brand to provide a crossover in the polo segment. In fact, this is the world’s very first premium solid compact crossover car and manufacturers are preparing a trendy 4-seater, comparatively taller than hatchback. It will be absolutely practical and still lots of excitement and enjoyment to drive. Many things are common between polo and Q2 other than the market segment.

The crossover gets its genetics from the model like A1. A1 owes much to the polo. Looking forward a raft of A1 engines in the brand new 2013 Q, ranging from 1 to 2 liters in diesel as well as petrol format?  All thanks to the architecture. The 4-wheel-drive is still not confirmed. Most Q2s are probably to be front-wheel drive but Rupert Stadler; Chief Executive Officer reveals that it may come with a better twist. For instance, if the clients ask for 4-wheel-drive then the company has means and techniques to meet their request. Remember, the concept like “Metro project”? It had Quattro but the wheels were prompted by an electric motor.

There is good news for all those who wish to keep their Q2 front-wheel-drive – ESP-based diff lock is available to break the inner front wheel to lessen torque steer and under steer whilst at the same time accelerating up the turn in action. The Audi Q2’s small engine, fuel saving technology and size may see it steal under the significant 100g/km carbon-dioxide emissions marker.  Moreover, for those who worth speed more than exhaust, there are clues of a model Q2 s having S-line trim as well as200bhp from a powerful petrol engine.


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