The Appearance of Aston Martin DB11


car spy photos Aston Martin DB11 2017

Yesterday, the set of car spy photos Aston Martin DB11 2017 was released, but the talks whether the pictures are legitimate still continue.

The automobile was caught during the driving test in the United Kingdom. The DB11 is a sporty luxurious car that has slim LED lights and an eminent grille. The model also features aerodynamic side skirts, alloy light wheels, and a ventilated bonnet. The security of the car is assured by the breaking system that has a great productivity. The automobile has a double system of exhaust, long shelving roof, and fender vents in the front.

The pictures of the interior of the car were taken from the previous prototype that was seen last week in Scandinavia. They reveal that the interior is not being produced yet. It has a cluster of digital car tools and huge system of info entertainment. The car is also made with a line of components from Mercedes, like a steering wheel with three spokes, a unit for climate control, and controller of commands.

More details of the DB11 are kept in secret by the company. However, it was revealed that it will be operating on V12 motor 5.2 liters biturbo. The motor will be able to give of approximately 600 units of horsepower, which will make the automobile more powerful than the DB9 version.


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