The all new Ford Transit Connect


If one was looking for a small utility van that’s commercial and at the same time does not create a hole in your pocket then the all new Ford Transit Connect is the answer to all your queries. The company has taken care of all your need by incorporating new features. One can easily drive in difficult terrains too.  Although, we are not quite certain about if the revised version of the Transit Connect is worth waiting but what we have come across definitely indicates that it will have something new to present.From the spy shots it is evident that the design of the Transit Connect is inspired from the front end of the Fiesta. The grille as well as the headlights also extracts their design from the same. The rear lights are thin and long and one cannot avoid noticing them as they make the van look classy and modern.
The new model use a single piece tailgate that is attached to the roof.  However, it is expected that the doors used in the current model would still be available. It is expected that the new models will hit the European and the North America markets somewhere around 2014 or later half of the year. It’s definitely good news for all the small business owners.


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