The Accessories for Your RV You Need Today


Regardless of the type of RV you’ve got, there are some accessories that you should definitely consider to make your rig better, more comfortable, and to make your trips as easy as possible. We’ve created this list to inspire and educate you about the best accessories on the market.

The Accessories for Your RV You Need Today.A drinking hose

When on the move, or when at a campsite, fresh water isn’t always available. A hose is a must-have, which you can simply connect to the water tank of your vehicle, and then have access to water at any time. This comes in several different sizes, but a long and short hose is probably a good idea to make sure you’re ready for any situation.

Water pressure regulator

This is less obvious, but you’ll be glad you have it when you need it. These do what they say on the tin and regulate the pressure of the water in your RV. Without this, too high pressure may cause flooding or even a burst. We recommend spending a bit of money and avoiding a cheap one, if possible.

Power chord

Not all RVs come with a power chord, but it’s an essential bit of kit. You’ll need to get a specially made chord, rather than using one at home at the electricity amp age may be different. It’s also a good idea to get a chord that is stronger than your average household chord, as it’s more likely to be put through its paces.

Toilet paper

Perhaps more obvious than our last few accessories, but this is just as important! If you’re on the road for a long time with a few people, it’s surprising how the toilet paper gets used up. Trust us you don’t want to be anywhere without it! Get yourself some paper made specifically for RVs, as it needs to be septic-safe.


When camping, you never know what type of surface you’re going to be staying on. Often, the floor will be rough and ready, which is where levelling your sleeping space is a must. This is also important for cooking and sleeping, as doing both on an uneven surface can be dangerous.

Not every camping spot is level. You SHOULD have your RV level when you got an absorption fridge. (Most RVs have it.) Otherwise, after time, it will damage your fridge. Of course, this is useful since no one wants to sleep at an angle. The levelers to the left are one of our favourite products. They are easy to use. Read our RV leveling blocks page to know more about the available ones.

Refrigerator bars

These are great for making sure everything doesn’t fall out of your fridge after a bumpy ride. They also keep everything in one place, so you’re not constantly reorganising the fridge – very handy!

A strong lock

If you have spent a lot on your RV, the last thing you want is someone making out with it. Take some time to find a big strong lock that will keep opportunists at bay.

Lots of fuses

When you’re on the road, the last thing you want is a fuse blowing and knocking off your electricity. Have a good range of fuses and multiple of all of them, just in case one blows.


Similar to the above, if something breaks, you’ll need the tools to fix it. Keep a good toolkit on board at all times. With all the tools, you can fix the most common issues.

A head torch

While camping, it’s likely that you’re going to be in the dark at night in the countryside. A head torch is perfect for getting everything done after dusk, while keeping both hands free to cook, clean, and relax.

Recliner chair

Once you enjoy yourself, there’s nothing better than a comfortable recliner chair to relax into. Make sure to check out the Reclinercize, which is one of our favourites.


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