The 2014 BMW 4-series Convertible F33 spied


The 2014 BMW 4-series Convertible F33 spied
The new BMW 4-series convertible f33 was spied during the testing in Southern France. Our experts were curious to know the tow car ability of the model. Therefore, the model will be able to meet most of the expectations of its buyers.
According to Tony Gover and Janet Richardson, the readers of CAR, the test driver confirmed that his mount was a new BMW model. However, he also refused to name the model or allow the glimpse of the interior.
Where is the place of the new 2014 4-series in the BMW range?
The company has tried to get uniformity to its nomenclature and is planning to rename the coupe model to make them stand out from the saloon models. Therefore, the customers will be able to see the 4 series replacing the 3-series Coupe as well as Convertible. Moreover, there will be no 1 series badged or soft-top – try 2-series coupe.
According to the experts, the new BMW 4 series convertible F33 will fit more pleasantly with the 6 series, which was a model that has stood apart as a unique model from 5 series.
More Details of the new BMW 4-series:
According to the experts, BMW will be offering a fixed head coupe as well as a folding hard-top cabriolet with the present 3-series badged cars.
Usually the manufactures will use the retractable roof solution for creating best of the both worlds convertible/coupe (think Astra TwinTop and Renault Megane CC). However, BMW is selling enough of either car for justifying their twin-model approach. The Audi A5, which is the closest rival of 4 series is using a fabric roof to its open top variant.
The model in these spy shots will blow its cover as a convertible with the giveaway strips along with the top of retractable roof panels. It also comes with tell-tale shutline in rear quarter, which is marked where the boot will open wide for swallowing the roof.
According to the company experts, you will be able to purchase the 4 series coupe, which is codenamed as F32 from summer 2013. H0wever, the F33 convertible will be available from early 2014. After the release of F33 convertible, the M4 will be provided for the buyers that sports a 450bhp turbocharged in-line six-cylinder engine. However, you do not have to worry as the legendary M3 badge will be living on its flagship saloon variant.
The Engine Specification of the 4-Series Model:
When it comes to the engine specification of the new 4-series model, if it is lower downed on the power scale, one can expect to see the most powerful or the most prominent features that are in the 4-series family. The 328i’s 245bhp petrol turbo four is surely going to be one of the major likings of the people. For the customers who still have an obsession for Bavarian six spot, there is an option of 6 cylinders available in the form of 330d and 335i.
The efficient dynamics technology of BMW will be seeing the latest Fours demonstrating improved green credentials, which will be over the 3-series predecessors. For this, the buyers have to thank the eight-speed auto gearbox as well as adaptive settings of BMW, especially in the parsimonious Eco Pro mode.
We think that the BMW 4 series will be released in the springs of 2014.


  1. Convertible with side pillar and a convertible shouldn’t have frameless windows? Looks more like a 3 series coupe.


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