The 2013 Dodge Hornet Previews


From what we have been able to gather it seems as though the 2013 Dodge Hornet is getting ready to replace the Caliber compact. Also, from what the photographs reveal it seems as though the Dodge Hornet is ready for the roads. However, you should know that it is not equipped to drive at night. But, we do still expect that it will be able to compete with the VW Golf, the Subaru Impreza and the Ford Focus.
What to Expect From the 2012 Dodge Hornet
So, far it seems as though the name “Hornet” will be sticking with this car. The previous test miles had us lead to believe that the Dodge Hornet would be a petite station wagon that would include LED headlights and rear door handles stashed into C-pillars.  Also, it appears to take after the Alfa styling mold due to the rear door handles.
Then, there is the side character that is on the sides of the car – lengthwise – which makes this model into one of the sportier numbers. Not to mention the fact that since it has multi spokes it also has an Italian touch to it as well.  Also, the Hornet is allowing the grille to be more revealed due to downsizing. So, it is definitely going to be different than the other recent Dodge models that we have become accustom to.
When it comes to performance and the economy the U.S. market can expect Alfa’s 1.4. Liter and 1.7 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engines. There will also be a choice of 6 speeds manual or even 6 speed dual clutch automatic when it comes to transmissions. There are also other things that may be able to be expected such as Hornet SRT4 which would have all wheel drive or even a 232 bhp 4 cylinder – the one that is in the Giulietta QV.
In Europe there will be a variety of diesel engines for folks to choose from. However, when it comes to the U.S. there is even the possibility of them being able to have a hybrid available. Overall, due to the progress that has been made so far we are expecting to see the Dodge Hornet during the L.A. Auto Show or the Detroit Auto Show. Either way we are sure it will be released very soon.


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