Testing started for BMW X1


The BMW X1 was seen for the very first time a few weeks ago while on a flatbed. It has now been photographed in action.
There is a lot of disguise, which will be hiding the sheet metal details in the same way that they were in the previous set of pictures. However, the spy photographers did find out some extra information about it. The code name internally will be F48 and it will be on the same platform as the BMW 1 series GT and next generation Mini. These are front drive platforms.
The new layout of the X1 fits in well. Front wheel drive will mean that it is cheaper and more efficient space wise, which makes a big difference. It is also expected that there will be the option of the xDrive system on some of the higher end trims.
It is expected that it will appear at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and be a 2016 model.


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