Testing 2013 Jaguar XKR-S Race Car. Below are its Spy Shots


Testing 2013 Jaguar XKR-S Race Car. Below are its Spy Shots
The latest on Jaguar suggests that if there is any plan of making the riotous XKR-S more hardcore than what it is, there is a need for necessary changes. The change would be in the form of parental advisory sticker, which is a warning sticker that needs to be placed on the hood. The current versions are coupe and the convertible, the special edition of 550-bhp road rocket is making news, spotted at Nuburgring Nordschleife. There is some kind of familiarity noticed in the French Racing Blue version. The exceptions are in terms of two winglets that are small in size and are fixed in the towering rear on the trunk and on each of the front corners too. You will also find Vulcan alloy wheels too, a set, which is of 20 inch each. These are found mostly on street cars.
The street or racing, are you ready?
A question that is cropping up in the minds of many is whether Jaguar is targeting Porsche GT3 RS, or BMW M3 GTS? These are the racing specials and yes, they are being the target. However, it seems a bit unlikely to see this car having a rear spoiler, which is enormous enough to come across as a design suitable to go along the streets. In addition to this, the current offering, which is XKR-S is coming for a price worth $138,000. Here, you can say that Jaguar may not really pump up the price. One reason for this could be the fact that it was not really targeting the racing fans and neither was it offering any kind of action on that front.
Based on the reviews, possibly you can look out for Jaguar to bring some changes. For example, reduction in weight, and this is possible by taking off the seats, also doing some stripping to the dashboard. However, ensuring to keep the essential gauges remains intact. If you want to have a jaguar that includes neat carpeting, tray tables etc. you are not going to find in this version. If you check out the XKR-S, the scale reads the coups approximately at 3800 lbs. if you compare this figure with the 2012 version of Porsche 911 GTS RS 4.0, there is a slight difference. The weight is almost 3000 lbs.
The supercharged engine, which holds up to 5.0 liters, is set up for revising. The 6 speed automatic too are in the league. Adjustments are meant to come through, especially for the brake system as well as the suspension system. Do check out the latest on XKR-S, which is expected to come in soon. Latest you will hear about it in September, which will be at the Paris Auto Show.



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