Test Run of Mercesdes C-class Saloon 2015 Seen


The new Mercedes C-class Saloon (2015) has been spotted while out doing road tests. This si the new 3-series for Mercedes and will become a rival for the Audi A4.
It is the best selling model for Mercedes in the UK, despite there being more exciting Mercedes cars such as the CLS Shooting Brake, CLA coupaloon and the s-class Pullman.
The car is still very camouflaged and so it is not easy to see what it looks like. Although camouflage is using for the testing stage of cars, it is unusual for a car to have this much at this point in the testing. This is probably because the company are keeping their current C-class in production until 2014 and so are in no hurry to get any hype about this one.
In July 2012 there were some step taken to make the C-class prettier with new trim lines as well as a new engine variant. This will keep the car competitive until the new model comes out. It is competing with the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Lexus IS.
There will be estate and coupe versions of the car which will be safer than the s-class. This will be in the form of automatic braking and automatic lane changing guidance. There will definitely be a AMG model which will be high performance but no 6.2 litre V8 engine. This move sees forced induction so the C63 AMG will tend to move towards the bi-turbo V8.


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