Tata Aria And Nano Seen In The UK By CAR Reader Magazine


Not as many people may know about the Tata Aria compared to the Nano but it is the initial crossover coming out of the country.

The Aria was initially seen by a reader of CAR somewhere in the UK by the company’s engineering offices, and there was a Nano with a right-side drive pretty close by.
The company that is based in India created the Technical Centre to help facilitate its cars being created and sold in Europe. The Nano, as well as the company’s additional  models, has gone way down with the bad economy, and the corporation re-concentrated its efforts on the Jaguar models. Whatever the case may be, these spottings point to a soon release date for the different car models.

Could Tata Motors come out with the Nano and reveal it to a UK audience soon?

Tata has alleged that it wishes to unload cars throughout Europe, and it wants to make them for sale in the United States too. But, at this very moment, the brand is still nailing down the details in the overall business model. No one can be really sure if the Nano or Tata will launch here.

Ratan Tata is about to leave the company, but he said that the cars will come out in Europe if they could create the technology. There are some technologies like EV power and hydrogen solutions, and they are very compelling. The Midlands research and development center is creating both technologies, and they are doing so with the aid of the university.

Both models might have been test builds that were driven by the Tata personnel throughout the Midlands just for errands. They were probably development models, though, used for testing purposes outside.

Reader Sightings Of The Nano And Aria

Tata hasn’t come out with the models in Europe, and Chris Tomson was really wowed by seeing them while he was traveling.

A fast bit of looking shows that the car is a model from 2010. The Aria is coming out in two versions in India, a two and four-wheel drive. The car has seven seats, and it is very similar to models by Dodge and Ford. It is great for having an inside that Land Rover workers have utilized to aid it in giving it a more luxurious feel.

The Tata came out with a Nano Europa in 2009 and the Geneva auto show was the place they revealed it. The Nano hasn’t been a great hit since then, but the company has been focusing on bringing up its its sales at home prior to coming out with something that is seen overseas.


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