Take a look at the photos and tell us about new Corvette


Some of you are talking Corvette Pricing (C4’s) … Every Corvette has had their Retail price and as the years go by they cost less and less until they hit Bottom … C4 is at that price now … They will go up in price like all of them before … It always happens and always will with the Old ones and the New ones …

Sure they are not bringing back the Elcamino??

Here’s a 2018….nothing special about it

Photos credit musclecarsaddiction.com


  1. If it is an El Camino, it will fail just like the SSR. Cool idea and some people will want it, but not for the mass market. Give me a 62 Vette anyday.

  2. This is a prototype of the mid engined Corvette. You can see how stubby the front end is with front wheels closer to the doors. The lengthened tail section has room for the engine. Very exciting!


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