Support Equipment for an Airfield


According to StartPac, a variety of support equipment is used on the commercial airfield to make sure operations run as smoothly as possible. From the carts that load luggage to those that load catering, it would be impossible for commercial air travel to make a profit if there was too much downtime.

Aircraft maintenance equipment is used to service the plane between flights, so it’s important that crews remain mobile while they are doing these last minute checks. Some airlines hire their own crews, and smaller lines subcontract this work out to make it more affordable to do business.

Between flights, the plane powers down. The battery can’t hold a charge for hours, while the plane idles. Planes don’t function like cars, and this could affect the plane mid flight. Instead, the plane needs a jumpstart when it’s time to load passengers. An airplane starting unit powers all cabin systems, so passengers can board comfortably.

For most operations, a lithium aircraft starter will do the trick. Lithium batteries will lose their charge over time, making them less efficient for commercial air fields. Those airstrips will often rely on fuel-powered generators to do the job. Using either natural gas, or a petroleum-based fuel, air fields can quickly service many aircraft.

One final piece of equipment that often goes unnoticed is the aircraft tripod jack. Its job is to make sure the plane’s tail doesn’t reach the ground as the passengers from the front begin to leave the plane.

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