Successor to Aston Martin DB90 Seen Testing


Aston Martin DB90 The DB9 was first introduced 12 years ago and it has had a lot of revisions and updates. However after twelve years it is getting tired and it is time for a complete refresh, which is what is being planned. Spy photographers have seen the new model testing on the Nurburgring.

It isn’t that easy to see what is going on though. The car picture has the current DB9 bodywork pretty much. It looks like the interesting things are going on inside. There is an obvious widening of the front end which will mean there is more room in engine compartment and it will stand wider as well. Aston Martin have recently signed a deal with Mercedes-AMG so that theyw ill supply the power plant for them. However, this will happen sometime in the future and it is expected that this new DB9 will arrive on the market before this happens. It is thought that a production version will appear next year and then there will be a V12 engine inside it. This is likely to be an evolytion of  Gaydons 6.0 litre one that is capable of 692 horsepower when in the Vantage GT3. It could certainly be a car well worth looking out for in the future.



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