Strange single seater vehicle

We received letter from J Clark:
Was sent these photos from a colleague in Eastern Europe (I’m a car guy in the UK, he thought I’d be able to identify it), not the clearest but looks pretty mean. Can’t really see but I was told it was just a single seater.
Apparently it sounded like a motorcycle, and took off when they tried to pass it (and they couldn’t keep up). It also apparently had black wheel arch mudguard/covers that almost completely surround the wheels.
Not sure if you guys have any idea what this might be, can’t even see any sort of registration plate to identify its origin.
As I said, photos are pretty bad, the first one looks slightly better when brightened up a bit (I just left it as I got it though).

And another thing that we are thinking about. Considering long distance trips – what do you guys guess, is it comfortable for that? If you are planning a cross country motorcycle trip, would you choose that kind of single seat vehicle?


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