Strange Disguise for Land Rover, Range Rover Sport RS


The latest Land Rover, Range Rover seen in testing is the RS model and it is sporting some very strange camouflage. It has images pf other Range rover sports all over it but some clies as to what this new car will look like can still be taken form the pictures.
There are quad exhausts for a start which show that the car will be a lot sportier. They are in the rear bumper and there are big intakes in the front as well. There are also updated brakes with blue calipers which are also something that make it look more sporty. With it being called the Sport RS, well so rumour has it, then these are not surprising.
It is expected that the car will keep the V8 engine that Jaguar F-type R, XFR-S and XKR-S has inside it, the one that is capable of 550 horsepower. There have been no official dates given out with regards to when the car is expected to debut. However, it is thought that it may be seen as early as next month at the New York Auto Show, especially as the standard model debuted there last year. However, the car is also under very high demand in China and so that could open up the possibility that it could be debuting at the Beijing Motor Show at the end of April. We will have to wait and see, but it is certainly expected that it will be appearing sooner, rather than later.


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