StickOut: Your Car, Your Style



StickOut is the first online car graphics marketplace . The StickOut o nline design lab provides the user with customfit art regardless of the car model. The car is infused with personal style using an easyon, easyoff DIY kit that is delivered to the customer’s home. “I really love this product called StickOut!” Christian Vera, Right This Minute

Watch Intro StickOut i s launching a K ickstarter campaign o n May 4th, to support our online design lab and make unique vehicle art available to people all over the world. The online experience allows you to browse designs by artists around the world, i maging designs on your car make and model, and of course ordering the kit to the comfort of your home.

StickOut was founded by TelAvivians Gera Waisbaum and Yair Ida , who wanted to make car personalization a possibility for every car owner. Rigorous research resulted in the patented 3m material used for the easyon, easyoff DIY kit that leaves no residue on the car upon removal.

StickOut bridges the gap between the disciplines of fine art and car design. It connects artists and consumers, promoting independent art around the world, and simultaneously decorating the streets with personal style.



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