Spy video: next 2012 DeTomaso Pantera ???


2012 de tomaso pantera

As it became known at the Geneva AutoShow, by the end of this year, the Italian company DeTomaso plans to release the successor of Pantera sports car. Thanks to the short video, we can now see how to look next generation DeTomaso Pantera.

next gen detomaso pantera 2012

Spy video show a prototype sports car that exists within the walls of the plant De Tomaso in Grugliasco, Italy. And despite the camouflage black car pass the aggressive contours, side air intakes and a massive roar of motor sports.

Judging by the rumors, Pantera get aluminum body and a V8 cylinder engine, possibly from Ford.

Source: Autoblog.ar via worldcarfans.com


  1. strange, the back has a little inspiration from the ferrari 355, and the front looks like a disguised 458 for the lights…

    BTW it’s urgent to wait 🙂

  2. a 2007 comment on the same car:

    its looks like a suspended project that restart or a hoax…


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