Spy Shots Taken of the Nissan Almera 2014


Spy Shots Taken of the Nissan Almera 2014
The Nissan Almera will be returning soon to allow the car company to have a family hatchback on the market again. This will use the old Almera name which has not been used since 2007 and sees Niossan back in this part of the market for the first time in seven years. As well as a standard vehicle there will also be a hot hatch capable of 200 bhp.
The car will be revealed late next year at the Paris motor show in October. It is expected that it will look similar to the Resonance concept and the current Note supermini. This means that it is likely to have angular headlights in a C shape, styling swipe on the doors and a large name badge on the front and centre which will reflect the look of the X-Trail and Qashqai.
There have been reports form insiders that a hot hatch with a Nismo badge has already been signed off which will complement the GT-R, Juke and Qashqai models. It is expected that there will be a turbocharged 1.6 lire engine capable of 212 bhp with red pinstripe bodykit and a stiffer chassis set up.
The new car will not be built at the Sunderland factory as it is already working to capacity with the Leaf EV, new Qashqai and Infiniti Q30. The cars will be built in Barcelona where it will be exported across Europe. There it will be able to compete with the VW Golf, Mazda 3 and Ford Focus. This could be interesting though as Nissan does have a reputation at producing cars that do not fit in with other designs and so it is unlike them to compete with others so directly.
Nissan feels that there is a market for their Almera from customers who have had a Qashqai or Juke and are looking to replace it with another Nissan that is more conventional than the SUV crossovers available. It may seem that this could make it a rather unmemorable car though. However, Andy Palmer who is the Chief Planning Officer for Nissan has said that it could be a car that not everyone will like. He also admitted that there will not be a D segment car such as a new Primera or big Saloon explaining that they have Infiniti instead.


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