Spy Shots Taken of the Maserati Ghibli Sedan


The Masarati Ghibli Sedan has been designed to slot in the market under the Quattroporte. It has been photographed by spy cameras when it was being tested in snowy conditioned.
As expected, the car has a lot of disguise and looked just like a Quattroporte however it was identified because of the smaller wheelbase. The car has been designed to compete with the Mercedes Benz E class vehicles as well as the BMW 5 series.
There was not much to see from the test shots, but there have been some rumours with regards to the size. It is expected to have a chassis from a Chrysler 300 which is actually the same as the Quattroporte and it has been suggested that Chrysler will also provide the base engine. This is expected to be the 3.5 liter Pentastar V^ but will has an additional turbo unit which will mean that it should be capable of 400hp. It is also expected that there will be an option of a larger engine from Ferrari, probably a V8. Both will be on a ZF 8 speed transmission.


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