Spy Shots Taken of a track focused Bentley Continental GT3 Supersports 2014


It looks from the latest spy shots taken at the Nurburgring that Bentley is planning a GT3 in a road car. A continental GT V8 has been seen on  the track featuring a splitter combo and new spoiler undergoing high speed testing It looks like there may be an even hotter model than the recent V8 S model.
The design looks unusual in several ways. The pop-up wing is not there but there is a fixed rear spoiler in place of it. There is also a new aerodynamic front bumper with a lower splitter. The alloy wheels are the same design as those worn by the Bentley flagship car Continental GT Speed.
It looks like the test model has no rear seats which could mean that they are trying to reduce the weight and create more downforce. This seems like the car might be a more extreme one perhaps rather like the Supersports model that appeared in 2009 as a special for the Mk1 having shed 110kg.
The old supersports had a twin turbo W12 engine it looks like this model has a twin turbo V8 4.0 litre, the same as in the Bentely GT3 racer. The exhaust pipes give this away as the are figure eight ones when the W12 use oval ones.
The GT V8 S is capable of 521 bhp and the W12 GT can do 621 bhp but it is expected that the Mk2 supersports will have eight cylinders in order to link it to its new GT3.
The V8 will not be able to reach the bhp figures that the W12 can and so there are rumours that a W12 is under consideration as well. However a small engine will cut weight and would enable the car to be more easily distinguished from the W12 GT Speed. It is expected that if this car does hit the market it will cost over £130,000.


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