Spy Shots of the new Smart ForTwo 2013


There have been some recent spy shots of the new Smart ForTwo taking, when it was testing in USA’s Death Valley recently. The car has a Renault Twingo body but there were some clues as to what it’s real identity was.
There was a rear mounted engine intake on this car and this is something that a Renault Twingo has never had before. This new car as well as the new ForFour version will have the same drivetrain as the Renault Twingo next generation. They will all have a rear engine as well as rear wheel drive. These features will improve the use of space in the car as well as safety in case of crashes.
There will not actually be a microcar with a Renault badge though. This is becayse they have pulled out of ForTwo as the Twizy and Zoe electric cars were so expensive for them. They will use the rear wheel drive components in their next Twingo but that is all they will get out of this partnership now.
There will be a choice of engines for the new car. There will be a choice of two turbo charges engines at 85bhp and 105bhp, a three cylinder petrol engine at 65bhp and an 88bhp electric engine.
Inside the pictures make the car look rather like a Twingo but there are some more clues as to its status as a Smart car. Firstly the instrument binnacle looks like it has a rev counter mounted on the left hand side as well as a fuel indicator on the right. There is a central screen between the two dials and this will have a digital readout of the speed. It is very similar to that of the Clio but will be made to look like a classic Smart pod on the top of the dashboard.
Between the two seats, you can see a semi auto gear which has also been seen on all previous ForTwos. It is thought that there will be a manual option as well which will be £1,000 less,.
The new car is due to be unveiled in March next year. It will be 40mm longer and 13mm wider than the current model. There will be a cabrio version with a canvas rood available in the Summer of 2014.


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