Spy Shots of the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe CL Two Door


There have been spy pictures taken of the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe. The old S-class was called the CL-class but this will not be used in the naming of the new model because Mercedes are looking to have a simpler line up for their saloon/coupe models.
There have been rumours that there will be an unveiling of this new model in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show. This car is a two door s-class that will seat four people and have the same technology and safety features that the s-class saloons are associated with. It will also be comfortable and the start to an expansion of the s-class range.
There is disguise on the model that was pictured, but some features can still be made out underneath it. It can be seen that the styling is taken from the s-class saloon in that the creases are the same. This is going to become a trademark for all of the Mercedes range that will be put on all new models. It can also be seen that there are LED lights on front and rear and they will be sportier than those on the saloon. There Mercedes three pointed star is on the main grille and front of the vehicle.
The vehicle also looks a lot more aggressive because of the arc of the roof and the wheel arches at the back that are blistered. There is also no central B pillar to break up the lines of the car.
It is expected that the car will no longer have a four cylinder hybrid option but have just a V8 and V12 petrol choice. It V8 will be in the S500 and will manage 453bhp and the V12, in the S600 will make 544bhp.
It may seem like there will therefore be no need for AMg versions, with that much horsepower available just from these cars. However, there will be a S63 AMG coupe and S65 AMG available. The S63 will used the twin turbo 5.5 litre V8 which can do 577bhp. The V12 in the S65 will be capable of 630bhp which is even more powerful than the SLS AMG Black Series that is available for £230,000.
The AMG coupes will cost from £120,000 to £165,000 which means that they will be positioned in the market alongside the Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin DB9 and vanquish and the new Maserati that will replace their Gran Turismo.
There will not be the large selection of wheelbase options, but it is possible that there will be a few other options in the range. There is the possibility of a soft top convertible two door, which was previewed as the Ocean drive concept in 2006. It is also expected that there might be an expended car to S-class proportions which will be a limousine four door car. It has not yet been approved but it could be available as a chauffeur driven car with shared technology with the S-class family and compromised rear headroom.


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