Spy Shots of the Mercedes GT Sports Coupe


The new Mercedes GT is expected to go on sale in 2016 and it will rival the Porsche 911. It has recently been spotted.
The car has the codename C190 and is a rear drive coupe. It is expected to cost more than £80,000 and have V8 power. The jaguar F-type has a V6 and V8 mixed power plant and the Masarati has V6 only and so it will be a good competitor for the Porsche 911.
With regards to the technical side of the car it is known that it will have an aluminium frame which will be lighter than traditional steel but not as expensive as carbon fibre. There will be three models depending on what features you want. The standard model will just have a V8 4.0 litre engine that is front mounted that will produce 485 bhp. The GT ‘S’ will be able to produce 505bhp and the black series model will be capable of 585 bhp which is more than the most powerful Porsche 911 – the Turbo S.
The standard wheels will be 19in and the black series model will have some add ons to make it more aerodynamic. There is also likely to be a carbon ceramic brake option which they offer on their higer performance AMG models.
The GT will do its best to match the Porsche 911. There are conventional doors rather than the gullwing ones and there is a 2+2 seating option as well as a boot that has a reasonable amount of storage. This means that it is quite the practical car.


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