Spy Shots of the Mercedes GLA Crossover Discussed


Mercedes  have decided that it was about time that they made a mini SUV to compete with the growing market. This will certain be a welcome addition to what is already there. They will be releasing their in 2015 and it will be called the GLA . It will be put in the market to compete with the BMW X1/X2 and the Audi Q3/Q4 and therefore creating a lot more choice in this limited market.
CAR came across some initial drawings of the GLA and described it as being very clean looking and very different to the GLK and ML. These have been studied in detail and so everyone is keen to see whether it has turned out as predicted and in fact whether the drawings wer actually the genuine article. The front end of the vehicle has a grille that is upright with two bars that are horizontal. This will become a trademark on all future WN SUVs and crossovers. The saloons have a single crossbar and the sports models have a star with three points.
From the photographs it looks like the plans from the sketches have been adhered to.  It has some similarities to the A-class, such as the nose area however there are some differences. It will not be available with the 1.2 litre petro engine, for example or the 90bhp diesel either. There will be three choices of petrol engines which will be a 1.6, 2 or 2.2 and two choices of diesels a 1.6 or a 2.2.
The wheelbase is 2700mm and with a 4440mm length, 1500mm height and 1800mm width, it is lower than its rivals and therefore could be sportier.
It will have an AMG model which will have a twin turbo 2.0 litre engine with 350bhp. It will be badged GLA45 AMG.
It has been rumoured that Mercedes will be bringing out a teo door version which is sportier to compete with the coupe versions that have been brought out by BMW and Audi.
The GLA will have a combination of a front and all-wheel drive as it will be using the new system which a 4Matic Haldex clutch. This was developed for transverse-mounted engines. It will have less drivetrain losses and be more compact as it has been put in to the 7G Tronic transmission housing. The company say that the 4Matic is 25% lighter than other all-wheel drive systems. The electrohydraulic clutch will make the car change torque between axles and to each of the wheels. This system will be first used by the CLA 45 AMG to take power from the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine.


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