Spy Shots of the Ford Focus RS 2016


It is expected that the next Ford Focus RS will be launched in 2016 and the latest spy shots show it when it was having the suspension set-up tested at the Nurburgring.
Ford is going to be using the RS as a way of sending off the Focus hatchback and it is expected to manage more than 300bhp.
It is expected that the new car will get the same 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine that can be found inside the 2015 Mustang. Each of the generations of the Focus RS have been turbocharged and this means that it is pretty easy to make it more powerful and so it is expected that it could be possible to get 330bhp from a Civic Type R.
The power is sent to the front wheels and it is expected that there will be a limited slip differential which will make sure that the torque does not get out of hand. This was a problem with the Ford Focus RS Mk1 where the tug of the helm made it a bit tricky to handle and it became well known for it. This means that the Mk3 will be tamer by comparison.
There are plans for a six speed gearbox. Although four wheel drive was considered originally, it was not used as it was too heavy and expensive. It is expected that the performance will be good as since the Sierra Cosworth 4×4 Fast Fords have been FWD and theyw ill not mess with this now.
It is very early in the development stages and so hard to make a guess at how much the car might cost to buy. It is expected that as many fast hatchbacks are aiming towards the £30,000 mark then this could be close although not above this amount in the UK. It is expected that this car will be available worldwide to fit s with the ‘One Ford’ mantra and therefore it should be available in the US as well as Europe.


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