Spy Shots of the Corvette Z06


Previous the successor to the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was seen in testing. This has a convertible top and front brake vents which made it seem rather odd and perhaps not what it seemed. More recent pictures show what is now considered to be definitely the Z06 successor.
There was no convertible top on this prototype but the roof was steeply raked and went all the way down to the back of the car. The very back of the roof was disguised though and so there is no clue as to what might be under there.
The hige carbon ceramic brake discs make it look like it really is the next Z06, unlike the other car spotted which looks less likely now. It does have the new wheels that the other car had though and these have large, high performance tyres on them. Before the rear wheels are air vents, which are like the ones that the last two generations of Z06 have had. It looks like the rocker panels are rather more aggressive too, compared with what is currently on the Stingray.
There is some disguise on the front of the vehicle as well. There is camouflage but through it looks like the front has been redesigned. There seems to be new aerodynamic parts each side of the grille openings which are covered up. It seems that there may be a larger hood bump on the bonnet as there is also disguise there. This could be there to make room for the supercharger that it is rumoured Chevrolet will be adding to the Z06-spec LT4 V8 as well as hood vents. It is expected that this new powerplant will produce between 600 and 650 horsepower.


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