Spy Shots of the 2015 Porsche Cayman GT4 Reveal Exciting Finds!


The car photographed is a prototype of a Porsche Cayman. It has a front fascia that looks very aggressive as well as a very big rear wing. It is thought that this could be the GT4 as this has been a long rumoured addition to the Cayman range and could follow in the wake of the 911 GT3.
If this really is a GT4 it could mark a first for Porsche. They have previously kept the performance of the Boxster and Cayman apart so there was a difference between them and the 911 buy the GT4 would change this. The Cayman has always had a lower output than the 911 even though it could handle more power. It could be pushed a lot further and it would be interesting to see how much, if this is, in fact, going to be a GT4.
The CT4 will have the same basic structure as the S and GTS Cayman models but it will differ when it comes to suspension and structure which will be significantly stiffer than the other models. The car seen even has a roll bar, which the 911 GT3 has. However, it does not have the carbon-ceramic brakes that the 911 has, but just the Cayman GTS big brake kit. This can be seen by the colour as Porsche have red calipers for upsized iron rotors, yellow for carbon ceramic discs and black, silver and green represent the base model, all-wheel drive and hybrid models. It is expected that as the ceramic composite brake package is available as an additional option on the GTS for $7400, it is expected that it will be available on the GT4 as well, or may even come as standard.
The photos show a large rear wing, which could imply that it will be similar to the one on the 911GT3. There is a big splitter on the front end and between bumper and hood there is an extractor vent which looks the same as the one on the 911 GT3. It also has the same three front intakes too. The GT4 could even get the same seatbelts as the GT3 but they are an optional extra in regular Cayman cars. This GT4 does have shell shaped racing seats in it though.
It would be interesting to know  a bit more about the engines but there are no clues in the photos. However, it would be expected that it could have one of the 911’s flat sixes or the Carrera S engine which is a 3.8 litre capable of 400hp. There is even a chance that it could use the 3.4 litre engine from the Cayman S and GTS which has been tuned up.
The GTS can produce 340 hp and the Carrera 350 hp from the same 3.4 litre engine and so if this engine is used, it would be expected that it would be tuned up to at least 355hp. There have been rumours though, that the GT4 will have a turbocharged V4 like the one in the Porsche 919 Endurance Racer but that would be rather costly as this is not a production car. It would also be a rather extraordinary choice so perhaps is just a bit of wishful thinking. It is expected that the car will only have an automatic option in the same way as the GT3 does. However, if you are a fan of manual cars you may at least be slightly won over by the fact that the Porsche seven speed dual clutch automatic is one of the best and sportiest shifters available.
It would seem like the car is quite a long way along in its development and possibly even almost production ready. If this is the case then it would mean that it could be seen in the showroom as early as the end of the 2015 model year and therefore could be revealed at the end of this year or early next year. Prices could be past the $100,000 mark considering that the Cayman GTS starts at $80,155.


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