Spy Shots of Mystery Aston Martin


Spy Shots of Mystery Aston Martin
Some exciting spy shots have appeared of an Aston Martin that has got everyone wondering what they might be up to. It could be that it is a new Legonda super saloon but looks like it could be a limited edition commission by the Q branch. This is because it seems that Aston Marti is not about to release a new Legonda and so the limited edition is the only explanation.
It seems that there are talks with Mercedes for the company to borrow their GL platform so that they can make a new SUV. However, there has not yet been anything set in stone and so there will not be a rival for the Mercedes S-class as of yet. This means that the Legonda is definitely off the table for quite a while and so there must be something else going on here. Therefore this looks like Q branches work with some interesting additions.
In 2013 Q branch built two CC100 Speedster concepts for a couple of very well off customers and it looks like this car will be their next addition. It is not known whether they have a small amount of clients who have commissioned a vehicle or whether they have approached people to see whether they want one. However, one thing is for sure, there will only be very few copies of this car made and it will be unveiled late in the year. It possibly may even use the Lagonda name as a soft relaunch of it before it gets the new SUV engine. The finer details are not known yet and probably will not be revealed for some time.
It is already known that the car has a V12 5.9 litre engine. This is the same one that managed 550bhp in the Rapide S and it is expected that it could be tuned to manage 600bhp.
It is thought that it has carbon fibre body panels; the same as the ones on the Vanquish and CC100 but the styling is very much sharper than the Rapide giving it a more aggressive look. It also has the pop out door handles and vented bonnet characteristic of the Aston Martin but mainly looks more like a Lagonda. This clarifies thoughts that this could be a preview to a new Lagonda coming later on.
It looks like it has a longer wheelbase than the Rapide which should help to give the rear passengers much needed extra leg room as in the past there has not been anything like enough for them.
For brand new Aston Martins there might be some news as well. They signed a technical partnership with Daimler and its Mercedes-AMG division which means that it has access to their electric components and V8 engines in return for allowing them a 5% stake in their company. This means that they are obviously looking to take advantage of this relationship as soon as possible and find a car to put these new parts in to.
Aston Martin issued £100m bonds in March 2014 the proceeds of which will be used to develop new models. An interview with Andrea Bonomi who is a senior partner in a firm that owns a large stake in Aston Martin revealed that they company has business plan that they are moving forward with. This is exciting too as it definitely shows that there are potential developments on the cards,
It has been rumoured that there will be a DB9 in 2016 and this will be the next new Aston model appearing before the Lagonda SUV. This means that it could be a long time before the Lagonda is seen, but it looks like there is enough evidence to think that it might appear eventually.


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