Spy shots of Maserati’s sub-Quattroporte sedan


Photos on CarPix manage to get a leak on the soon to come small sedan by Maserati. This one under Quattroporte is said to be dubbed. The shots that were captured by the spy team don’t give away too much, excepted for the rumored dubbed Levante. The ill-fitting version is not quite giving away more, except for a smaller brakes and shorter wheelbase.
Levante, if that is its name; it will be Maserati’s pass to enter the mid-sized luxury sedan. This brings it to the same page as Mercedes-Benz-E-Class, and making them competitors. The other competition comes from BMW 5 series as well as Audi A6. It is slated to arrive in the following year, having its own luxury ducks, offering twin turbo V6, 300 hp diesel, V8 engine with 500 pound feet of torque.
Still, there are ongoing questions in regards with the engines as well as provenance. Quattriporte gets a V6 Supercharged and V8 turbocharged Ferrari sourced. However, it may seem like a possibility of the V6 in Levante is coming from Fiat, Chrysler to be precise. Bottom line, irrespective of where the motors flow from, it is going to go with the eight speed ZF automatic transmission.


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