Spy Shots of Camaro Reveal Interesting Redesign


Recent photographs taken of the Chevrolet Camaro have revealed that it seems there are changes afoot. It looks like there is definitely either a change to the front or even a new special edition planned and a closer look shows some specific details that prove to be interesting.
The front has definitely had a change of style. The air inlet is lower and smaller and the grille has two bars. There are also some intriguing mysteries as well. There is an SS vent above the new grille but it seems to be blocked off somehow. This could mean that it will be changed or not used or it could just be something on the test car that should be ignored. The back of the car is very interesting as well. It had the four exhaust outlets that the ZL1 also has. This could mean that it is the LS7-powered Camaro or something else entirely. It is a bit of a mystery at the moment.


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