Spy Shots of 2014 Nissan GT-R Caught While Testing


The circulation of Nürburgring with not much of a camouflage was a Nissan GT-R. It was caught testing, according to what has been noticed, there have been a few major changes brought in, you can find distinct changes with the hood of this car. Going by the habits, Nissan goes with a constant tweak where the GT-R turns out to be one of the current best in the offering. Every year, it is evident to find Nissan bringing something new in the offering, with either the visuals or the mechanical front. The primary aim is to move a step forward every year and offer better power as well as performance. Going by the records, it seems like the Nissan GT-R will take leaps forward with its turbocharged V6 of 545 bhp jumping to a 600 bhp. This means, the next Nissan GT-R will see the pricing change as well; the 2013 could knock off with a base price of almost $96,000 approximately. It can break the barrier of $100,000.There is a rare possibility of a disheartenment amongst the Nissan buyers in case of a price hike. Based on how the car looked when it appeared at the Ring, the exterior modification immediately catches the eye, extreme subtlety. There was a tape on the front fascia, which means there could be slight changes on the front grille as well. As of now, this test does shoe similarity to the 2013 model. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the next Nissan GT-R going through major modifications and alterations, especially in the case of trimming down on the weight. Much of it is due to the high-end hardware, which includes a ATTESA ET-S four-wheel-drive, an automatic dual clutch and the adaptive sport suspension.
In its current design, this Nissan is definitely one of fastest on board that we have tested. Our team got the 2012 model GT-R over a Porsche 911 and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Well, the Bugatti did manage to win the sprint with an impeccable timing of 2.52 seconds. However, the GT-R was not too far either, and it gave an edge of almost 45 mph. if the company goes with an extra of 50 something horsepower, and slight changes on the aerodynamic, the 2014 offering of Nissan can be an outstanding match.


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