Spy shots of 2014 Mercedes Benz S-class, with interiors shots too


Spy shots of 2014 Mercedes Benz S-class, with interiors shots too
A fairly revealing 2014 Mercedes Benz S-class was caught by our team in California during its test run. The S-class is the company’s sole bearer, especially after the not so good review of Maybach brand, it will ensure to pick up sooner or later as the luxo-cruiser. Though this is a camouflage as of now, the shot we have of the 2014 S class, we do have something on the interiors too.
Speaking of why it matters, well the S-class has set a kind of standard for the brand. It definitely creates a benchmark as a large cum luxury vehicle. With all this, it is okay to think that, if there are any screw-ups, Mercedes can still afford it.
When it comes to the platform, the ultimate four doors offered by Benz again offer an optional all-wheel drive with a rear drive platform. There is also the choice between long wheelbase and the regular one. However, the U.S. is only planning to go with the long wheelbase as it used to be in the past. An all-new wheelbase, slightly stretched Pullman of the S-class is going to be launched once the regular model is on for sale. This is for the high luxury preference customers. In order to save enough weight, this vehicle has opted for aluminum in maximum for the body of the vehicle.
When it comes to the interiors, the first look that we could get of the 2014 S-class cabin, it had to be what we had expected. The interiors look lavish, luxurious and posh. However, the COMAND screen was definitely a surprise, with its large screen, the overall setup, buttons, and its relocation to the main knob was definitely an eye pleaser. The cluster of digital gauge is present in this version of the car too.
Speaking of the dashboard, it features the HVAC round vents on the wooden slab, which is large, and goes with the width of the car. In addition to this, there is latest two-spoke steering wheel. In the 2014 model, you will see a not so common gear selector, which is affixed and lengthened too. On the other angle of the steering wheel, it looks more like a stalk combination of wiper and turner, which is located a bit lower. Another thing that sits a bit lower as compared to before is the cruise control. This brings in easy activation of the cruise control than the previous models.
The S-class yet again offers the twin turbocharged V-8/C-12 yet again in the US. As far as Europe is concerned, there will be an electric plug in variant for the diesel hybrid, a mix at least. Another thing that should be remaining the same are the four and six diesel cylinders. However, it is a bit difficult to see a four banger happening here. Going by the recent click of the preview of the AMG lineup, there is a kind of confirmation to see again the AMG models in V-8 and V-12.
This car can expect competition from Lexus LS, Audi A8, Jaguar XJ and BMW 7-Series.
The price and estimated time of arrive is around late part of 2013. The price may see a rise, going a bit over the outgoing version of $92,255, which is the sticker price.


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