Spy shots of 2014 BMW M3


Our photographers managed to get some spy shots of the 2014 BMW M3 and not just the outside but interiors too. This car was caught testing in Europe. The prototype was black, wearing not much of exterior camouflage. You can find the black as well as white graphics on both front as well as sides too. This helps in spotting the cross-drilled rotors, large alloy wheels, quad exhaust and the fender flares too. You will also find a power budge like thing on the hood of this model. Going by the exteriors, it doesn’t seem like BMW is going any overboard this time with the next M3. From the driver’s seat experience, there isn’t much because we are yet to have our hands laid on the keys. However, we do know the view of the inside of the car and the driver’s seat too. The seats are bolstered quite well, and are covered in matte like finish, more like Alcantara. It also has a seven speed DCT gearbox without the paddle shifters which otherwise are as part of the gearbox. A closer look of the steering shows silver like lining on the back of the wheel. However, as far as paddle shifters are concerned, we don’t know for sure whether it is hidden somewhere below or not. As far as the US is concerned, the brand is going to continue with the 6-speed manual transmission option.
We are quite certain that the latest M3 has a 414 bhp V8 is considered in favor of turbocharged inline 6 engine, which goes up to 440 hp approximately. What we are not so sure of is the many options in terms of turbochargers. The brand is planning to upbeat its performance and maintains its best, but rumors of a tri turbo inline 6 seem to be making waves off late. However, BMW isn’t spilling anything as of now, but things are shaping up in the expected direction. It does make sense to see BMW compact the sports sedan to have something extra, maybe under the hood side. This could be of much needed benefit as BMW is already working on the bringing in fuel economy and less heavy vehicles.


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