…spy shot…2018 Dodge Challenger SRT “Demon” ?


...spy shot...2018 Dodge Challenger SRT "Demon" ?

…estimated over 850hp, leaving the SRT Hellcat in the dust with only 707 hp …………WOW ! …fastest Muscle Car in the world.

Tnx Larry Bell gor nice picture.

2018 it’s scheduled for production….spy clips are out there

...spy shot...2018 Dodge Challenger SRT "Demon" ?


  1. I would debate the fastest muscle car comment after seeing the Torq Cuda at Barrett it was a 1000 horse diesel

  2. I seriously wonder how it’ll make more power while they apparently had to downtune the hellcat as they couldn’t pass emissions-testing?

    As for the facts that we know:
    – Widebody, yes (5 inches in total).
    – 315 drag radials in all four corners
    – Minus 200 lbs

  3. I sure hope this aint true…those wheelweels look ridiculous. I think this is Larry trying to yuck it up. Good one, L. —- Now my blood pressure is going back down.


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