Spy Pictures Taken of the new super SUV BMW X5 M (2014)


The new X5 M from BMW is due to arrive next year. This is the second generation of the super SUV. It will have more power and be lighter and so offer a better performance than the current car.
The photos have a few tell tale signs, that this is what the car actually is. There are quad exhaust pipes for one thing, which is a feature of the M car. The side skirts are also bigger than have been seen on X5 mules in the past. There are blue brake calipers behind the alloys that are big and on low profile rubber which indicate that there is an upgraded braking system. All of the M models have upgraded stoppers but there is a pricey option of having gold painted calipers clamped on carbon ceramic discs.
The new X5 M will have the current cars 4.4 litre bi turbo V8 but it will be developed more. The output will go up from 547 bhp to 565 bhp and the torque, which is currently 501 lb ft will increase a little bit as well. This looks good compared to its competition as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S produces 542bhp and the Range Rover Sport 503 bhp.
The performance improvements are mainly due to the fact that the car is lighter. It has alumininium on the ‘X for all’ underpinnings which will be used on all future X models of the car. The kerbweight is reduced by 150kg – quite a big percentage of the current 2380kg. The four cylinder X5’s at entry level will be even lighter, being less than two tonnes.
It is expected that the X5 will debut later in the year, possibly in September in Franfurt and the X5 M will follow later, perhaps being on sale in 2014. It is expected to cost around £85,000 for the basic model.


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