Spy Pictures Taken of the Mercedes Benz S-Class


Spy Pictures Taken of the Mercedes Benz S-Class
The Mercedes Benz S-Class has been almost camouflage free during its latest test runs and so it is easy to conclude that it is very close to its debut. The latest pictures still show some cladding over the headlights as well as the front and back of the car. Despite this, the massive luxo sedan car’s shape can still be seen.
Previous pictures hide the body a lot better and so there are new clues emerging as to the look of the car which include the prominent grille and the creases along the sides of the body, rather like those on the CLS class. The trunk opening is pointed and the exhaust outlets do not look that fancy, which is rather a surprise. It just has two pipes on the left hand side of the car and has no integrated outlets which have been spotted in other prototypes of the car. At the moment the S-class models in the US and Europe has two exhaust pipes on each side and so it is interesting that this is different now. Whether this is set to change or stay the same in the future, is not known and we will just have to wait and see.


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