Spy Pictures Taken of the Ford F150 SVT Raptor


It looks like Ford have managed to successfully recreate their F-150 SVT Raptor with an aluminium body. The car pictured has a mix of 2015 F-150 and outgoing SVT Raptor parts at the moment.
Seeing this car proved that Ford has decided that it will keep its Special Vehicle Team who have managed to get this car turned around. It was just at the Detroit auto show this year when it was announced that the Raptor would not be appearing in 2015. This made some people feel that the model had no future at all but these pictures show that it has not been given up on.
It is expected that the Raptor will ride on a steel chassis like the 2015 F-150 will. It will have more high strength steel and some aluminium body parts as well. This prototype has the aluminium crew can form the 2015 F-150 but this is put together with the current generation Raptors; front clip and pickup bed. These could just be there to accommodate the wider tyres.
The aluminium body does not have any problems with strength or durability compared to a steel body according to Ford, but this does not look like it could be correct. They are ina sector with new technology being insisted upon but traditional buyers wanting more traditional things and so it is difficult for them to get the balance exactly right. However, it is a good chance for the Raptor. Ford will have the opportunity to show that the truck can still cope even with some aluminium parts and the weight loss is also likely to improve performance which will be a good selling point for them. It should also help them to keep costs done as putting together steel body parts just for one F-150 level would not be worthwhile. It is expected that it will have unique shocks, raised suspension and big tyres.
The current model has a 6.2 litre V8 engine and it is expected that there may be a change with the new one. Nothing has been confirmed yet but with the F-150 having a 5.0 litre V8 then this could appear in the Raptor too. It will need a lot of weight loss and possibly forced induction in order to perform well with this. It could be that they try Fords EcoBoost V6 but it is felt that with this sort of vehicle it really does cry out for a V8 engine.
It is expected that it will arrive in 2016 as Ford has already announced which cars will be appearing this year. It is thought that the price might be higher than the current models $45,900 which could allow it to sell the F-150 at more competitive prices.



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