Spy pictures taken of the 2015 BMW X4


The X4 is a more expensive version of the X3 – in a similar way that the X6 is more expensive than the X5. It also has a roofline that looks more aggressive and coupe like. Chris Bangle, the former BMW chief designer, described it as a statement of beauty and power. The X6 has been successful for them and so they are hoping that this car will be the same. It will have the same 110.6 inch wheelbase as the X3 as was shown when the concept was revealed in April at the Shanghai Auto Show.
The X4 will be prettier than the X3 and will have four door and a good sized boot meaning that it will be practical as well. It looks like it will look better than the Gran Turismo 3 series as well but it will be more expensive than it and the X3.
The X4 will aim to help keep the brand ahead in the crossover coupe SUV part of the car market. They have been in this market area for half a decade and now have their second model, when their competitors from Mercedes-Benz and Audi, have only recently starting working on their first models. This shows that BMW is willing to take a risk.
The platform will be the same as the X3 and therefore the architecture ill also be similar. There will be electrical components which are similar to those in other BMW lines all the way up to the 7 series. It will be an all-wheel drive vehicle but there are feelings that there may be a rear wheel drive version available as well.
It is expected that the US entry model car will be likely to have the X4 xDrive28i powertrain. This will use a 2.0 litre turbo engine capable of 240 hp. There may also be an option of the X4 xDribe35i which will provide 300hp from the 3.0 litre straight six engine. It is also thought that there could be a 2.0 litre detuned four cylinder which will have less than 200 hp or perhaps a diesel option. It is felt that the US market require more power and so all versions may not be offered there, although it is expected that they will be seen elsewhere.
The car will compete with the Land rover range Rover Evoque and is expected to arrive in 2015 on the market. It is expected that it will be priced very much above the $39,775 X3 possible edging near to $50,000.


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