Spy Pictures Taken of the 2015 BMW X1


The 2015 BMW X1 has been spotted and photographed in Northern Europe when it was being tested in cold weather conditions.
The car has a lot of disguise but there are still some clues as to the fact that the design is changing. There is a grille that is very prominent and plastic cladding on the body with a sloping roof. It is hard to make out any finer details but the spoiler mounted in the tailgate and the double exhausts can be seen.
The car does look like it is bigger than the previous model. This will mean that it is likely to have extra legroom in the back and a generally bigger inside.
There is very little known apart from this but it is expected that it will use the same UKL platform that is used on the BMW 2-series active Tourer and Mini Cooper. This will mean that it will have standard front wheel drive and an option for all wheel drive.
With regards to engine choices, it is expected that these will be the same as the 2-series Active Tourer. This has choices of a 1.5 litre cylinder, and a 2.0 litre twinpower turbo diesel and petrol options.


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