Spy Pictures Taken of Ford Focus RS


Observant photographers have seen a 2015 Ford Focus RD mule at a gas station near to the Arctic Circle.
It had the warm ST version’s body and there was camouflage on the front end of it, which implied that there may be changes to the face happening. It has been confirmed by Ford that the new RS will be launched in 2015.
There have been some rumours about the new model including that it will have an EcoBoost 2.3 litre engine with 4 cylinders to power it. This is said to have turbocharger, direct injection and will be able to do 335hp from the front wheels. This engine will also be used on the next generation Mustang released in USA and Europe.
It is expected that the starting price for this model will be 40,000 Euros when it is sold in Europe.


  1. it’s not the RS it is the Facelifted Focus due in 2014 with the new kenitic design front end seen on the new Fiesta (Aston Martin Grille)


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