Spy Pictures Seen Of The 2013 Aston Martin DB9 Replacement


Spy Pictures Seen Of The 2013 Aston Martin DB9 Replacement

The upcoming Aston Martin DB9 has been revealed in new spy photographs. It is very lightly camouflaged, and it is easy to see the contours, shapes, and colors. The DB9 is the car in the middle, that sits in between the beginner model, Vantage, and the powerful model, DBS. There was another car put into this line-up that included the Virage, and it was basically a DB9 with fancy bodywork and a lot more power under the hood. It was a car that sat in the middle of the DB9 and DBS. Even though there was a complete upgrade in 2011, the car still looks somewhat plain when it sits next to the Virage and the powerful DBS, and there are probably going to be a lot of massive changes that are coming out in 2013. There could also be a new name for it.
This car is important because the DB9 came out originally in 2004, and it was always in the middle of the tinier V12 Vantage and the Virage too. It never had much of a unique motif. However, a big update should make a huge difference in making the DB9 out to be a lot more prominent.

The platform of the car will probably be based on the same aluminum VH platform, and it sits underneath all the Aston Martin models. The inlets are going to be bigger and shoot outward, and they will be pushed outward from the usual Aston Martin grille. The headlights are going to be a lot thinner too, and there will be some LED lights added into the mixes. There will be some bigger creases and vents on the hood too. There will be more prominent arcs on the rear fender bulges, huger exhaust outlets, and a much higher arched spoiler.

The powertrain will be a V-12 engine. There might not be a power incrase from the current 470 horsepower though. Things get a little complicated at that point. The V12 Vantage incorporates the DBS 510 horsepower version of the existing engine, and the pricier Virage has a version of the 490 horsepower V12 too. There will probably be around 500 horsepower for the car. The Vantage might get a slight boost too. A six-speed manual transmission or an automatic transmission will be an option for the car.

The probable price and arrival time should be 2012 and $186,230 for the coupe and $208,730 for the Volante. There could be more power that could come along with the addition in cost. The car might even change its name to DB10 or DB11. The coupe and Volante could have a price that is somewhere around it.



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