Spy Pictures of the new Mini Cooper


Mini has been testing its new convertible which is due to be launch at the end of 2015 and the latest spy photos taken show the Copper S version at the Nurburgring.
The pictures show that the new Mini MK3 will keep its soft top with its fabric look as it has at the moment. There will not be a folding hard top from what can be seen from these pictures and of course with the size of the Mini, there is not room for storing rigid material.
The Mini pictured has the roof up though, so it means that the folding mechanism etc cannot be seen in detail. It is hoped that it will be an improvement as the canvas roof has tended not to fold away that neatly in past models. The roof in these pictures has a glass window on the back and there is also a three door bodyshell. There is no plans for a five door model.
It can also be seen form the pictures that there are two centrally located exhausts coming through the rear valance and the front has a low spoiler with cooling vents as well as a bonnet scoop. The wheels look chunkier too perhaps up to 18 inches and there are fatter tyres as well as a lower ride height.
The MK3 version of the Mini will have the same 2.0 litre petrol engine as the hatchback version. It has four cylinders compared with the three cylinder ones used in other versions of the Mini and this will enable an output of 192bhp.
The Mii Cooper S hatchback has a speed of 0-62mph in 6.8seconds and it would be expected that the convertible would be very close to this.


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