Spy Pictures of the Jaguar 3-series XE testing


Spy Pictures of the Jaguar 3-series XE testing
The Jaguar XE will be a rival to the 3-series, A4 and C-class and has been seen testing in the Midlands. Spy photos have been taken of it and so it can be seen before it is shown later in the year. It could be a car that will help Jaguar to get a much needed growth in sales. They are seeing a big gap in revenue compared with Land Rover; their sister company who have found that the popularity of their SUV’s have really helped their revenue.
Jaguar have confirmed that the Jaguar XE is definitely coming and they announced the name at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The car was pictured in disguise but there has been an artist’s impression drawn up by CAR magazine to show what it is thought it will look like without it. There are details slowing being revealed about the car which helps. It is known that it will be based on the ‘iQ Al’ aluminium architecture which will also be under the new Jaguar SUV.
The car will have rear wheel drive, unlike what might be expected because of the X-type having front wheel drive. However it will offer four wheel drive on the models that have higher output as well as in the US and Alpine countries where it is more in demand.
The XE range will tend to have two litre engines with petrol and diesel options. These will be built in the new factory in Wolverhampton, in the Midlands which is close to Solihull where the car is manufactured. It will mean that Jaguars and Land Rovers will both be built on the same line.
The models will be heavily promoted as clean and company car spec. They will produce just 99g/km of CO2 which will mean that those who use the motorway a lot will not have to pay so much tax.
However. There will be a model which will be more powerful. In fact it will be capable of 400bhp due to a supercharger which will allow it to get to 186mpg as a top speed. Rumour has it that this will be called the XER-S.
The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Ralph Speth has explained what the selling points will be of the new XE. He described the car as an ‘all-new Jaguar’ which is the first in its segment with an advanced aluminium structure. He said that this would bring stiffness and lightness which means that the car will be efficient and handle well . With the aluminium and new engine that compliment each other, the car has the feel of a Jaguar.
Time will tell whether the drive will be good, until it is available for test drives then time will tell.


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