Spy Pictures of the Honda Odyssey 2017


Honda Odyssey 2017 Spy pictures have been taken of the next Honda Odyssey Minivan driving in Los Angeles on the road. The pictures do show that it has a lot of Acura MDX parts on it both on the inside and the outside but Acura have said that they have no plans for a Minivan. This means that there is little chance of it being one of these and the only suspect left is the next generation Odyssey. There are several possible reasons for why there might be MDX parts throughout the vehicle. It could be that Honda want to try to fool people into thinking that it is a MDX, which does seem to have happened in some case or that some of the older parts might be being used in the new model. It also might be that the new parts are not ready and these do the job for now. Of course it could be a completely different reason but it is still pretty clear, whatever the reason, that this is not an Acura Minivan due to their denial about making one. The Honda Odyssey has been a well favoured Minivan with lots of space and a well-built inside. However, it is seeing competition form a number of companies including a new Kia Sedona, an improved Toyota Sienna and Chrysler plug-in model in the 2017 Town and Country Minivan. This means that it needs to make sure that it is up to the job. This is probably the main reason for the upgrade as they do not want to lose business to these competitors. It is not really known exactly what the platform will be although it is thought that it will follow its past pattern and share with the Honda pilot and Acura MDX crossovers. There is so much disguise on this car though that it is hard to really say much about it at all. The only notable thing is a lower control arm which has an L-shape. This could be to make room for something underneath such as a hybrid battery pack or perhaps for a deep pickup bed on a Ridgeline which the platform could also be used for. On the dashboard of this prototype there are some acronyms scribbled which could give some clues to what it has in store. It suggests that it may have AWD and P-AWS which is four wheeled steering that some of the new Acuras have. It is also expected that it will have a big list of driver-assistance features as well. There are also not many clues about the powertrain either. It is thought that it could have the same engines as the Honda Pilot or perhaps the Ridgeline. That is likely to mean an updated version of the 3.5 litre V6 which is capable of 290 horsepower and 270 lb/ft torque. There is no shift lever inside which means that it could have a push button activated, ZF sourced automatic transmission with none speeds like that in the new Acura TLX sedan. The fourth generation first appeared in the 2011 model year and was refreshed in 2014. It is therefore expected that it could be late 2016 or early 2017 when this is seen as thy tend to have a lifespan of about six years. Pricing is rather a mystery especially this far away but it is thought that it will not be too high but still on the luxurious side and therefore there will be a $40,000 plus model for those that want something a bit more special, as well as something more basic at a lower price.


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