Spy Pictures of the Ford Fusion 2016


Ford Fusion 2016 There have been recent spy photos taken of the Ford Fusion which is its mid size sedan and it looks like it is going to have some changes made to it. The car pictures has disguise on the front and back but with the middle uncovered then it is obvious what it is. The inside was also seen. The current model debuted back in 2012 and the following year there was a lot of competition from the Honda Accord to the Mazda 6. Many cars in this part of the market have already refreshed their models which means that Ford need to make sure that they have something good to offer as well. If they do not refresh then they may lose valuable business to the competition. The popularity of the car is waning now, having been very hot when it first hit the show rooms. However there are now some good looking cars in this part of the market and so it will be important for them to make sure that the refreshed model looks good. The camouflage means that it is impossible to see any details of what they are doing. It is expected that changes will come in the places that are covered on the photographed car but that the grille will remain. The only other obvious thing to see is the lack of small quarter windows on the front doors. The Fusion will still have the global front drive C-/D- segment architecture but the inside will be very different. The dashboard has a flat top design which is completely new and the steering wheel is also new. The centre stack has the MyFord Touch screen as before with the same infotainment system. The optional screen heavy gauge cluster is also in thisĀ  prototype. The shift lever has gone and it has been replaced with a rotary shift knob which looks like a Chrysler / Jaguar style. This could mean that it will be one of the first Ford cars to get the nine-speed automatic transmission that is being developed with GM. The Fusion has a selection of different engine choices at the moment. There are turbocharged and naturally aspirated options as well as hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. It is expected that these will not change that much. The current six speed transmission could go up to nine though. The spy photos do not show any evidence of this but it has been worked on for some time. There will still be standard front wheel drive with an all-wheel drive option. It is expected that there will not be long until the new model is revealed as it looks like it is near production quality already, probably next year though, perhaps at LA in the autumn or Detroit in the winter. It is expected that the price will not be that far away from the current price at $22,795.


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