Spy Pictures of the BMW 3-series eDrive


This car is a plug in hybrid variant of the BMW 3-series. It is expected that it will be called the 3-series eDrive. There are very few differences between this and the standard car, although there is a camouflaged area that looks very much like a charging port. This car will be able to drive for 30 miles solely on electrons, unlike the ActiveHybrid 3 that can only do 2.5 miles. The electrics can fit in any model on the F30 platform which means that it could be in any of the seven variations of the 3 and 4 series cars and it is likely to be what powered the Concept X5 eDrive that was shown in Frankfurt last autumn.
European carmakers are looking for more electric cars including plug-in hybrids as there will be higher standards for them to fit to in the future. They have also invested lots of money lately in the I sub-brand and Efficient Dynamics program and so will be looking to get some economies of scale. Therefore passing on some of this to their traditional cars will achieve this.
The platform will be a variation of the F30 which was always designed with hybrids in mind. This was back in 2011 and this is the first sign of them actually using it for a hybrid variant.
The details of the powertrain is still not that clear. However, it is expected that there will be a four cylinder turbocharged engine together with a 75hp electric motor. It could be that this will be the N20 2.0 litre found in the 328i and 320i. This should mean that it will be possible to cruise on electric alone on motorways. There will be only one transmission choice of an eight speed automatic.
The car will be competing with the Lincoln MKZ hybrid, Infiniti Q50 hybrid, Lexus ES300h and BMW Activehybrid 3. It is expected that it will not be seen on the market until 2016 at least after the 3-series has had a facelift. It is expected to perhaps be part of a mid-cycle refresh. Pricing is expected to be somewhere in the middle of the $50,825 price tag of the ActiveHybrid 3 and the $44,325 335i.


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