Spy Pictures of the 2017 Subaru Impreza


Spy Pictures of the 2017 Subaru Impreza
It is worth noting that Subaru have confirmed that they are not bringing back the five door WRX, which means that even though the pictured car looks like one, it is not. Not only does the statement confirm it but it just does not have big enough brakes or wheels has no exhaust plumbing or a wide enough track. If that is not enough then the cover over the bonnet scoop would not be there as hot weather testing would starve the engine of air.
It is thought that this car is in fact a mule for the next generation Impreza which is due to arrive as a 2017 model. If this is true then it looks like it will be getting wider as the front bodywork, roof panel and body sides are more spread apart, perhaps by an inch.
It is possible of course that this could be a mule for the new plug in hybrid that Subaru are planning which is also due in 2017. No charging port can be seen in the pictures but under the back bumper there is a small single exhaust pipe which means that there is an internal combustion engine in there. There is also a rear differential which means that is will have all-wheel drive.
The car is in the very competitive segment of compact car and it will also be the first one to use Subaru’s new modular global architecture, which means that they have to get it right. T is thought that the architecture will be used for most of the company’s future products all the way to a seven seat crossover.
It was earlier this year when it was announced by Subaru that they would be bringing a plug-in hybrid to the US which was previewed as the Viziv 2 concept at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year. It was reported by Automotive News that the car would be based on an existing nameplate and it would be sold in the states I the US that have the same emissions regulations as California. It is possible that it could replace the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, but it may not.
The platform is a new one form Suberu and it is thought that it will be lighter and stronger than that on the current one, but no details have yet been given.  It is known that it will be able to accommodate a selection of direct injected engines with sylinder deactivation from a new range. The details have not yet been revealed but it is likely that they will have better fiel efficiency and lower emissions and possibly increased output to boot. So if Cheap Tyres Reading is your search term, then we are the people for you.
The car will see competition form the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Toyaota carolla, Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3. No date has yet been announced as to when it is likely to be seen on the market but it is expected that it will appear in 2016. Then the plug-in version will be available later. As there si a lot of competition in this part of the market it is expected that this will have an influence on price and that it will not be much higher than the current model which has a price range of $19-24k. It is expected that the hybrid would be more like the $27-31k price of the XV Crosstrek.


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