Spy pictures of the 2016 Mercedes Benz C-class Plug in hybrid


This is the new plug-in hybrid from Merceds Benz. It was spotted testing in Southern Europe which is probably one of the locations where the finished car will actually go on sale as well as the USA.
It seems that every car company has hybrid options and particularly in the luxury car market. Their competitors in the Infiniti Q50 and BMW 3-series already have hybrid variants and there are also other sedans in hybrid version such as the E400 hybrid and the S500 plug in hybrid. This means that it makes sense to have a hybrid in this line up to compete with fuel economy regulations and customer demand.
The new plug-in C-class will have the same rear drive architecture as the diesel and petrol powered equivalents. The spy photos show that it will get hybrid style modifications such as a charge port on the rear bumper and a closed off grille. It is expected that the pale blue colour that the prototype is, will be likely to stick around for a production car as it seems all hybrids have to be offered in baby blue. It is not known why but it seems to be the fashion at the moment to do this.
It is expected that unlike the E400 and E500 hybrids, this will not use a V6 engine but a turbo four cylinder as it is a smaller car. It is thought that it might use a version of the c300’s 2.0 litre four but it might be detuned from 235hp to something like 210hp so that it has better fuel efficiency. It is expected that there will be different driving modes such as hybrid, full electric and full petrol.
It is thought that it will appear sometime this year but probably at a price a few thousand higher than the $38,000 base price of the C. Time will tell!


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